Animation Builder Kit (Business)

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Animation Builder Kit (Business)

Dane Kirkland
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Rigged vector characters kit. The characters are rigged up and ready for animation! All you need to do is open up After Effects and you're good to go.

The characters are easily updatable - you may create your own hairstyles, clothes and faces and easily swap them out in animation via the AI file. There are also accessibility options included, as well as a range of 50+ themed props!

The animation rigs have been built using Duik Bassel. You shouldn't need the plugin to animate but if you wish to alter the rig, download the (free) plugin - https://rainboxlab.org/tools/duik/


  • AE & AI files
  • 10x characters (2 angles each!)
  • Duik-built rigs, ready for animation
  • Accessibility designs
  • 50+ props (desks, chairs, plants etc)
  • A range of devices (laptops, mobiles, tablets etc)
  • PDF file with instruction
  • Unlimited commercial and personal uses.

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I want this!
After Effects & Illustrator
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